Canal Maintenance

The Vanderbilt Drive Canals Maintenance Dredge project is beginning at last.  You might recall that 4 canals located along the west side of Vanderbilt Drive from Seabee Avenue to Lagoon Avenue had major blowouts in Hurricane Irma.  The photo above shows that even after the seawalls were repaired, significant impacts to the homes and canals remained.  A map of all locations is attached.  Washouts_Location_Map
Now the remaining phase of restoration is beginning as the canals are dredged to return to their prior functioning, beginning with the canal between Seabee Ave. and Germain Ave. Although there are no lane closures planned for this project, we expect to have trucks entering and leaving Vanderbilt Drive, removing the debris resulting from the dredge.  So if you drive this stretch of Vanderbilt Drive, keep an eye out and be extra careful.

Project Manager Liz Gosselin in Stormwater is the contact for this project. She can be reached at (239) 252-5867 with any questions.

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