Join Us!

We’d love to have YOU as a member of Vanderbilt Beach Residents Association.

Let us introduce you to our association. Vanderbilt Beach Residents Association (VBRA) was founded in 1968 to represent the interests of the homeowners in Vanderbilt Beach. Vanderbilt Beach is a unique waterfront community of residential and commercial properties. Land values within our boundaries have steadily increased since our community was built. We are justifiably proud of our homes and condos and our local businesses. Our association is dedicated to preserving the quality of life we all enjoy. We are pleased with our past achievements. Now we stand on the threshold of a new era with many new challenges. Our collective voice has never been needed more! If you are not a member, please consider joining us – today.

What is the VBRA?

VBRA is your official homeowners’ association. As you probably know, Vanderbilt Beach is a platted community. Under the conditions of the original plan, still in effect, VBRA is responsible for representing the interests of all the property owners within the platted area and speaks with one voice for us on important issues affecting our area.

Download Membership Application Form (PDF)

What does it do?

VBRA represents YOU at all levels of government. It is vigilant regarding activities of elected officials and county staff and of private sector interests pursuing actions which residents believe are detrimental to our neighborhood or may negatively impact our quality of life or our health and safety. We also actively support beneficial initiatives.

Who can join?

If you are the owner of a residential or business property located in the area bordered by Vanderbilt Beach Road to the south and Cocohatchee River to the north and between Vanderbilt Drive on the east and the Gulf of Mexico on the west, you are already represented by VBRA. You become a member simply by filling out a Membership Application Form and mailing it in with your nominal yearly dues.

How much does membership cost?

Dues this year are a modest $35 per household.

For what purposes are dues spent?

Dues keep VBRA independent. They pay the general expenses integral to maintaining the organization – publications, mailings, meetings, statutory requirements, legal costs, special projects supporting goals, etc. No officers or board members are compensated for their positions. No money pays lobbyists or supports political candidates.

VBRA Membership Meetings

VBRA holds meetings each calendar year, one of which is the required annual meeting. The meetings feature speakers from the cultural, economic, environmental and political sectors of the Naples community. They also provide a forum for discussion of vital issues. We also publish a regular newsletter to keep members abreast of important issues. Our dues are modest. Our value is high. If you’d like to join, simply print and complete the application and return it with your check.