Who We Are

Vanderbilt Beach – Today and Tomorrow

Vanderbilt Beach affords a pleasant residential environment and extensive recreational resources.  Our residents include many people who live and work in the area year round, retirees who live here either full time or seasonally, and also the multitudes of visitors who flock here to enjoy the beautiful weather and our world-renowned beach and resorts.   Vanderbilt Beach is now considered to be one of the finest communities in southwest Florida, if not the country.

Like much of Collier County, we have experienced major growth in the past decade. The area covered by VBRA now pays over $10 million annually in taxes.  The last two large parcels of land for new development were built out in the recent past.  It will not be long before there is total build-out on both the beach and the lagoons. The prices of many of the residences now being constructed quickly exceed the two-million-dollar mark.  As empty lots become scarce, building sites are being recycled as older homes and buildings are torn down to make room for new.   Our area is unique in the fact that residential sites and tourist accommodations lie nearby.  So far, a balance has been kept between the two uses.  However, as land has become scarce and the desirability of the area has increased, competition for space has escalated.  Our attention is focused sharply on maintaining and preserving the character, beauty, and livability of our neighborhood. Current projects of the VBRA Board reflect these priorities.  What are our major initiatives?

  • Influencing Changes in the Land Development Code to reflect sensible building and development rules
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance by those constructing buildings and ancillary structures like docks and out-buildings
  • Undertaking projects that protect the health, safety, and well-being of residents are our top priorities
  • Efforts to beautify and maintain our residential areas and natural surroundings

Regular beach ‘re-nourishment’ is essential. We continue to monitor the maintenance of this major asset and its access points.   Health and safety of waterways are a major focus.  Wiggins Pass is regularly dredged. Regular dredging allows better flushing action by seawater during tides, helps maintain water quality for mangroves and sea life, and also ensures that boats can navigate the pass and backwaters. Regular water quality testing continues in conjunction with the Estuary Conservation Association and Florida Gulf Coast University.  We would also like to see our lagoon reconnected with Clam Bay, restoring the water flow truncated when Pelican Bay was developed.

Various Board members also serve on the MSTU Advisory Board and help keep its activities focused on projects that benefit all residents of Vanderbilt Beach. Efforts are presently centered on creating safe pedestrian routes and roadways, planting, irrigating and maintaining vegetation in common areas, and ensuring traffic restraint on neighborhood roads.

The above review underscores the issues and projects facing your board.  We need your help.  We are always looking for volunteers willing to spend a few hours of their time to better the quality of life and perpetuate VANDERBILT PRIDE.