The Vanderbilt Beach Beautification Municipal Services Taxing Unit (“MSTU”) was created by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) on May 24, 2001 under County Ordinance 75-14.  This ordinance allows and governs creation or enlargement of special taxing districts.  Under this ordinance, VBPOA on behalf of Conners Vanderbilt Beach Estates petitioned the BCC to create an MSTU and to levy and set aside a special property millage to support its objectives.  In the first year, the millage was limited to an amount not to exceed 0.5 mils per year.  Subsequently, the millage is determined by an annual budget, based on estimated expenses, and approved by the BCC as part of the regular budget cycle.  The millage collected under this MSTU is used for:

  1. Providing curbing, watering facilities, plantings, and maintenance of the median strips and right-of-way edges of roadways within the MSTU
  2. Providing traffic calming improvements, street lighting, and sidewalks within the MSTU
  3. Beautification and maintenance of other public areas within the MSTU as determined by the Advisory Committee.
  4. Providing for the Burial of Power Lines within the MSTU.

The Advisory Board is responsible directly to the BCC.  It consists of five members appointed by the BCC and serving staggered terms.  All re-appointments are for four-year terms.  The Advisory Board works directly with the County Manager or a designee. Other County employees are involved on a per project basis.  Meetings are open to the public.  At present, meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 2:00 PM. at St. Johns Catholic Church.   Meeting notices are published on Collier County’s web Site.  Public records are available of all meetings and Advisory Board decisions.

The MSTU replaced the Vanderbilt Beach Beautification Trust Fund, established by VBPOA (now VBRA) in March of 1997, and operated for the same purposes.  The Trust was funded solely by voluntary donations from private individuals and was insufficient to meet minimum annual maintenance expenses, like irrigation and water system repairs.