Vanderbilt Beach affords a pleasant residential environment and extensive recreational resources. Our residents include many people who live and work in the area year round, retirees who live here  either full time or seasonally, and also the multitudes of visitors who flock here to enjoy the beautiful weather and our world-renowned beach and resorts. Vanderbilt Beach is now considered to be one of the finest communities in southwest Florida, if not the country.  The Vanderbilt Beach Residents Association is dedicated to preserving the quality of life that we all enjoy.

Water Main Improvement Project….Aug. 2018


Mark Sunyak, consultant to the Collier County Water and Sewer project, asked that our members be notified of this upcoming work along Gulf Shore Drive.  Please see the attached for details, including a contact telephone number.  Work is planned to begin on August 20th, 2018.  (2 attachments)

RFQ 14-6213-119 Project Crossing Map                                                       2018-07-05 Public Notice Rev 2


Vanderbilt Cul-de-sac Public Utilities Project

Attached is an excellent recap of this project by Julie Beck Maddox, who is experiencing this project first hand.  They have established a Facebook account:

Conners Vanderbilt Beach Naples Residents Collier County Group

If you are a Facebook user, we encourage you to join this group to keep up to date with first-hand accounts

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