Our Pride

VBRA is proud of its contributions to preserving the character of Vanderbilt Beach and the quality of life for its residents, both now and over the past 34 years, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to work with other fine local organizations on projects of mutual interest like:

  • Beach ‘re-nourishment’ and maintenance
  • Water quality testing in Vanderbilt Lagoon and Water Turkey Bay
  • Waterway dredging and improvements
  • Beautification and maintenance of Vanderbilt Drive
  • Beautification and maintenance of Gulf Shore Drive
  • Traffic calming devices including traffic lights and stop signs
  • Road, bridge, and walkway improvements
  • Beach access, parking, and restrooms at Bluebill Avenue
  • More and better parks and green space
  • “No wake” and “idle speed” zones in waterways
  • Improved entry signs and landscaped entry statements
  • Truck weight limits and speed limits on local roads
  • Removal of exotics
  • Noise ordinances
  • Code and permitting enforcement support

We are proud also to have developed good working relationships with elected officials and county staff. This helps us to get your needs and concerns addressed. Our residents and board members are members of important committees and are active participants in the President’s Council, and the Estuary Conservation Association as well as many other groups. We are pleased to work cooperatively with the boards and committees of other local homeowners associations. Board meetings are held regularly and are open to members. Want to be part of the action? Call any member of the board and volunteer your services. You and your ideas will be most welcome!